Our Mission

The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized include, but are not limited to: planting a seed that will start a movement among Kwatsan People and every indigenous individual. Pushing tradition through modern media, we plan on empowering Native Peoples to gain as much knowledge about their traditions and culture so generations after us can unite to reinforce the Native spirit. By providing a daring digital means to cultural nutrition, Kwatsan Radio utilizes music, art, language, health & wellness, and environment, all to enhance and inspire true community spirit among Kwatsan people and Indian country.

Our Vision

To create a transparent form of communication that delivers cultural nutrition to Quechan youth and community.

On behalf of The Morning Star Institute, I am pleased to commend Kwatsan Media, Inc., for your good work in turning down the money from the Washington football franchise foundation. I agree with you that, no matter what you might say or how you might characterize it, taking money from any arm of the franchise would be interpreted as support for the objectionable, offensive, stereotypical name that the federal Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently ruled for the second time as disparaging and holding Native Peoples up to contempt and ill-repute. We applaud your efforts to continue to highlight these offenses and to seek the support of the Quechan Tribal Council. Please continue to communicate with us about your efforts and we look forward to knowing more about your good work.
— Suzan Shown Harjo (Cheyenne & Hodulgee Muscogee) President, The Morning Star Institute Washington, DC

What We've Achieved

  • Developed our Tribal communities first ever Social-Media forum through several social media applications.
  • Developed our Tribal communities first ever online-radio project that shared a vast variety of cultural content.
  • First ever live-streaming community forum for our political candidates.
  • First ever live-stream of our Tribal Swearing-In ceremony.
  • Developed annual cultural gatherings for our Tribal community that we shared with a live-stream and through social media.
  • Our Organization made global headlines for its disapproval of the NFL Washington Franchise's name and refused a $250,000 donation from their foundation The Original Americans Foundation (OAF).
  • Developed and initiative to raise awareness and funds to build our first ever Tribal Skate Park in honor of our Tribal youth who have been lost to youth suicide.