Quechan Nation Officially Welcomes New Council

A few weeks ago, many were unsure this day would happen for the current council-elect, given that several petitions to contest the December 3rd Quechan tribal election made their way through council. However, none of these petitions would withstand the process. With not enough eligible voters present to continue the voting process necessary to uphold the contest, the Quechan Election Board dismissed the small crowd and the elected council members were officially slated to move toward taking their seats on council.

Fast-forward to inauguration day. The Quechan Nation held the official inauguration of its new tribal council on Monday, January 7. All but one newly-elected official were present to take the oath to serve the Nation and were welcomed with a full house. Mr. Jordan Joaquin takes the seat as President, while Mr. Virgil Smith holds the seat of Vice President. These two will hold their seat for four-year terms, while the five other council members will have their seat for two-year terms. These members are Mr. Aaron Brown, Mr. Charles Escalanti, Ms. Ina Hall, Mr. Jonathan Koteen, and Ms. Gloria McGee, respectively.