This podcast is hosted by Lena Ortega, and is about Rezzilient individuals who are defying the odds in Indian Country. We will hear the stories of Native entrepreneurs, leaders, as well as, game changers in their communities who are making positive changes, promoting social and economic growth. You can subscribe to the podcast page on Instagram @Rezzilient, as well as, get to know who your host Lena, on her personal page @missyeah49.

On Rezzilient's first episode, your host Lena sits down with Tudor Montague, owner of Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. Together we chat over a cup of coffee and talk about the journey, the entrepreneurial process and bringing a coffee roasting business back to the Ft. Yuma Quechan reservation.

Lena has a chill conversation with owner of Quw'utsun' Made, Arianna Lauren. Together they discuss her journey from Canada to New Mexico, to preserve the traditional knowledge of the Coast Salish Nation in order to pass it on to the next generations.

Lena sits down with Chief Judge White, of the Ft. Yuma Quechan Tribe to discuss her journey into the judicial field.