Our hiatus. Our current revamp. Our Future.

Our Hiatus

We've taken a step back to reorganize and develop our game plan for 2016.  Although we've had to restructure, we haven't forgotten those who've helped launch Kwatsan Media in 2010! We always welcome the chance of a collaborative and forward thinking relationship with our local community, as well as tribal members at large. Hit us up!

We hold fast to our vision of, "Together We Connect" and we want our movement of culture-related content to be bigger and better than ever. We are currently looking for Artists, Writers, Graphic Communicators, Story Tellers, or ANY tribal members that would like to contribute to our efforts to keeping our culture alive.  Please visit our Facebook page and join, add your family and friends!


Our new content and partnership with the Quechan Language Revitalization and Maintenance program.

We have reached out to our elders to begin a new relationship, with the mission of providing language lessons via social media.  We are currently creating new content, that will increase awareness of our language, and would like to challenge you to invest the time to get to know your native tongue.  Bookmark our page: kwatsanmedia.org and follow us on Youtube. We'll post more info as it comes.

For now, please enjoy this brief video clip, that breaks down the 4-ways of life: